J-kwon is back. Do you care?

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Forgot About rappers, Hip-Hop, Rappers Back on the Scene

Okay we all remember the hit singles “Tipsy” and “Hood Hop” and the album “Hood Hop” was good but did you honestly notice he was gone because I show in the hell didn’t. While he was gone I guess he didn’t get the message that not to many people still doing albums because he came out with a new albums called Hood  Hop 2.5 which a 2 or 3 listenable songs on it. listen I’m cool with a man trying to get money, but you can’t be gone for 3 or 4 years and come back because child support is eating you ass alive and expect people to greet you with a glass of milk and cookies. Hip Hop was dead about 3 years ago and its just starting to come back to life and we don’t need people like J-Kwon which is nothing but a one hit wounder any how. So my thoughts to J-kwon is… go back to what ever rock you crawled under and stay there this time.

  1. brandon says:

    Man I was thinking the dame thing like He was cold back then but I didnt even know he was gone

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