LaBron James

Posted: May 14, 2010 in NBA, Sports
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So now Labron James Contract is up !!! they are out of the 2010 Play-offs, knock out by the Boston Celtics in game 6 and the question is” What does Labron do now”?. Does he leave to a team like Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose, which I think would be A scary site or Does he go to the New York Knicks which is a team that is in disparate need of a leader or does  He stay with the team that got him this far. I was told that what ever team Labron James decides to go to they will  also try to get  Toronto Raptors  Chris Bosh. Its way to early to say where Labron will end up but i will say this, Rose, and James is crazy but if you add Bosh???? the sky is the limit. You heard it first from yours truly Steven and that was Steven’s Vision.


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