Will they Ride…For You???

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Day to Day issues

Funeral of a tragic gang related death

You Ever think if the people you say you will ride and die for will do the same for you? If you had your back against the wall would them people stand tall with you no matter what? These are question that come to mind when I see young teens join these gangs. Yea it might make you feel safe, accepted, loved, and make  you feel like you apart of something ,but that’s what gangs feed off of ,they search for weak minded people begging for acceptance.  They know just what to do and say for you to put your life on the line for them to profit off you. I myself was in a gang once and It took me to be surrounded by a group of people to know I was all alone. The ones that I threw up signs with, the ones that called me when ever they had an issue walked out on me when I needed them most.  So what am I saying ? don’t have a group of friends that got your back and you got there’s…NO,  what I’m saying is make sure they They will ride for you just like you will ride for them. To many of our men and women are dieing claiming a neighborhood or a group but when them guns come out and your  the one hit All you gone be is another RIP shirt.


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