Maloof Contender Spotlight #1: Chris Cole

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Extreme Sports, Skateboarding, Sports
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Well, he is the reigning Street champ so why not start with him. Chris Cole had one of the best year’s in the history of professional skateboarding in 2009. He Tom Penny-ed Wallenburg (a chain-to-bank in SD reference, for real skateboarders only), he won the second Battle at the Berrics, he had a killer section in the Zero video Strange World, he won the Dew Tour Championship, he was the Thrasher Skater of the Year for the second time (he and Danny Way are the only skateboarders to ever win it twice), and finally he took home $100,000 with his win in Street at the Maloof Money Cup.

That was 2009, and now we’re in the double digits of the 2000s, and coincidentally we’ll get a double serving of Maloof Money Cups. When I was telling a friend of mine that there was going to be two Maloofs this year, both with the $100,000 first prize, he said, ” So pretty much Chris Cole is going to win $200,000 this year.” As crazy as that sounds it is a possibility with this guy.

If I decided I was going to pull a Dr. Victor Frankenstein and build a perfect skateboarder, Chris Cole may just be the mold I would use. He can do it all. He has just about the complete technical skateboarding package, even the older tricks that have been forgotten. Plus he has a really high ollie, which enables him to take those technical tricks to heights almost unimaginable. That’s another part of his skateboarding that makes him so good; he goes huge. The Wallenburg gap in San Francisco is giant, it’s about as long as it is high, and Cole just rifled through his bag of tricks at the last Thrasher Battle at the Berg contest, one after another, which brings me to my next point; he’s consistent. He’s like a machine, I’m surprised he doesn’t’ have the nickname, Cole-bot or Cole-borg, he just lands everything, which is what you want in contest skateboarder.

Chris Cole is not your typical contest guy either. He is a really good street skateboarder, and consistently puts together great video parts, and that is a definite advantage when it comes to the Maloof contests. They’re not your typical comp. The course is always made up of replicas of real skate spots, and they’re always in a jam format (no timed runs), which plays to the strengths of the non-contest guys. At the first two Maloofs Cole was a serious presence finishing third in 2008, and 1st in 2009. So that’s that, my first Maloof Contender Spotlight. The Maloof brothers are Vegas guys, so why not make a gambling reference. If this was Vegas, Cole would be the odds favorite. Stay tuned for Maloof Contender Spotlight #2, Paul Rodriguez.


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