Nobody Seeing Eminem

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Hip-Hop

Okay we all know Lil Wayne and Jay-Z  and other rappers have labeled themselves “The Best Rapper Alive”.  Not to take anything from them guys they are talented but!!! I doubt if many people will disagree with me when I say Eminem is better and the most feared rapper in the game today. Since his debut album “The Slim Shady LP” came out in 1999  he’s been nothing less the great with hit singles such as ” My Name Is”, “The Way I Am” Cleaning Out My Closet” and many many more . He continued to prove himself year after year by creating platinum albums and he’s even made his mark on the movie world  with his box office hit “”8 mile”.

His career was put on an unexpected hold due to an addiction to Methadone (sleeping pills). After a 3 year absence he came back and came back harder then ever, drop his album “Relapse” which sold 608,000 copies the first week and deputed #1 on Billboard 200 chart. The man went from rehab straight to the top in a week!!!! and one the the most wanted to feature on songs with some of Hip-Hops biggest names. After all the success Eminem has had over the years, never have I heard him say  he’s “The Best Rapper Alive” ,I guess it’s no need to say it when everybody know. So if I was ask  who  is the best rapper alive I would have to Mr. Mathers himself better know as Eminem. Well there you have it from yours truly Steven and that was Steven’s Vision till next time “Hear it here Hear it First”


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