To Old To Be Rapping

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Hip-Hop, Music
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Should somebody ever be to old to rap? is there a point and time when a legend should say “You know what I did my time, I had my shine now lets help the younger generation do it “. The answer is Yes , but some elders in the rap  refuse to let go of the crown and make room for the up and coming even tho there time as a rapper is way past due.

Snoop Dog ,the guy is a legend and we know this, but  the man is about 40 years old, 38 at the least and he still rapping!!! It aint like the man got older and got better the man got worst and still rap like its 1995. If you blew your money on hoes and weed that’s your fault that gives you no reason to torture us  with your Down Syndrome Flow. His last song was “I wanna rock Right Now” well it looked like he had one already because  the man weights about 100 pounds Wet!  Like I said the man is a legend never the less but Its “Time To Hang It Up”

The next senor citizen that needs to retire is…… Too $hort.  For starters the man was never one of my favorites, he’s about 42  years old, and still telling use his favorite word is “Bitch” nigga we know already! Sorry was using the “N” word I try not use it but niggas like this drive me crazy he act like he stuck in a Menace 2 Society interview , like he forgot people aint talking 40’s to the neck anymore. I heard Too $hort was suppose to becoming out with a new album soon, well let me summarize it up for you ” Bitch”, “Bitch”,”Bitch” and “Bitch” . Like I said I was never a fan of the man in the first place, I would have told him in the beginning of the his career but I guess later is better then never so “Too $hort”  Its “Time To Hang It Up” please!!!!

Last but not least Jay Z. The man has said he’s retired like 5 times, who he think he is  Brate  Frave. When it comes to his lyrics “they have  became staler than what’s in between LiL Kim’s thighs” . The man has no legit friends in Hip-Hop world or music period , and  he sound like he smoked a pack of cigarettes before he walks in the booth. The man has his own Whiskey out he should have called it quits a long time ago at least after he married Beyonce , which I don’t understand the man looks like a damn camel. Like I said these men are a legends in the  music industry, icons never the less but Its “Time To Hang It Up”. Well there you have it my thoughts on the old rappers in the rap game. My name is Steven and this was Steven Vision.

Author : Steven MCall


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