Thoughts Of A Teen: How Streets Take Over

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Day to Day issues
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Everybody was a Teenager at some point of there life , but seem to forget the thoughts that ran through our head once you became 20. People use to always tell us “Boy you to young to be having problems” if you ask me the hardest part of  life starts when he or she is a Teenager.For example as a teen I didn’t  talk much because I was always thinking  and I was thinking so much to the point I started hearing my thoughts like someone was talking to me. Always kept a smile on my face and you taught to do that when you didn’t want people to know you had one parent addicted to drugs and another addicted to thugs. So When you live life not talking and only smile when a person acknowledges you , you start to feel alone , and your problems with trusting people makes the ones who actually  try to make a connection with you seem like another enemy.  So there you are walking back and forth from school to home ,your a 3.0 student that’s feeling like a ghost and probably ask your self “would they even notice if I died” if you went missing today, tomorrow would they ask, hey have you seen him/her. Living life like this is a dangerous live style all your looking for is to feel accepted not caring by who or what just want to feel apart of something and 9 times out of 10 its  the streets.

So know you in a circle of people that thinks your like them and that’s the only reason their  around you and you got to do as they do so they wont look at you as a outsider and that’s the last thing you want because that will put you right back in the shadows. So you hit the weed and now you have friends. Now you go to school come home and call them and do it again,and again, and again till  its hard to stay focus at school because of all the smoking, so you sleep in class as you walk through the halls you notice your friends not in school and this is where you become a DROP-OUT. You started of going to school with no friends and feeling alone but you were getting good grades, now you have friends no longer feel alone but  your future is going down the drain. Now you smoke every day no school because of the smoking and no job because of the smoking but you have your friends which around this time you around a lot. Well the smoking chain has effect them to so how do they get money and that’s when you find out they sell drugs and robbed people which was something you never did and never thought about doing but you had to because you had to show you were just as big and bad as they are so you there’s you first felony . You do it a once , you get a rush you never felt before and you like most of all your friends are impressed.  You go to do it again but this time you wasn’t so lucky. I WILL LET MY READERS DECIDED WHAT HAPPEN TO HIM/HER WHAT YOU THINK SHOT AND KILLED , CAUGHT BY THE POLICE AND GOT A 10 YEAR BID MAYBE YOU RIGHT BUT ONE THING I DO KNOW IS HE/SHE GOT HIT TODAY …THE FRIENDS FORGOT ABOUT THEM TOMORROW . Teenagers  have life threatening decisions to make everyday while adults work and pay bills and most of them barely do that . So which one is the hardest to you. There you have it from yours truly Steve and that was Stevens Vision

Aurthur, Steven MCcall


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