Wendy Williams Got To be A Man

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Celebrity Gossip & News, TV Shows
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Who in the hell gave this Big Bitch a Show. I mean really she is annoying as hell and she looks like a man. She looks to be about 6’5 Big head, big hands, the bitch looks like Labron James in a dress and her accent!!!!! I know people in New Jersey  personally and they don’t sound like that it makes you think she trying to hard. She never shuts the hell up I mean at least take a breath and then talk . She had Blair Underwood on the show and for one she was taller then him , and something happened that made Wendy put her/his hand on his Blair Underwood leg and he instantly stop smiling, he was looking at her like he thinking something like this ” If this Nigga Dont get His Big As Hand Off My Leg”. I don’t mean to be mean but I had to say something.By the way i found a video of Method Man Talking about Ricky Williams… I mean Wendy follow the link Meth Man Diss Wendy. Well there you have my name Steven and this is Steven Vision

Aurthur ; Steven


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