Am I a Trophy You Won Or Was Given (Poem)

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Poem

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I’m not want you see when you sleep, I’m not what you see when you daydream , I’m what you see when you realize your not satisfied. Not satisfied with your actions ,  choose , present ,or future. You say yes , but your eyes and actions say another , you say nothing can top me but I realize I’m not your top.  When you were in the race you aimed for gold but settled for silver. Soon you will race again and get your gold, and what am I suppose to do just set myself on the shelf ? No… maybe I can Force you to think I’m that gold… Yea that will work right ?  Give me that spray paint I can do it…..Yea I look Gold don’t I … Yea I feel Gold… Until I see how you look when you see a real gold… Now I fill Like A Bronze.

  1. Aia G. :) says:

    Aye bestfriend did u write this yourself!? Its good stuff. 🙂

  2. Aia G. :) says:

    Im trying to like wise. lol and yours?

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