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Kanye West protégé Kid Cudi was arrested on Friday (June 11) in New York and charged with felony criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance after authorities were called to respond to a disturbance involving the rapper and an unidentified woman.

A spokesman for the New York Police Department confirmed to MTV News that Cudi was arrested in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood on Friday. The spokesman, however, declined to provide additional information regarding the controlled substance found on the rapper.

At press time, Cudi was still awaiting arraignment by a judge and bail had yet to be set, police said. A request for comment made to the rapper’s management was not returned.

This is not the first time the upstart artist has had a run-in with the law. Late last year, the Cleveland native was arrested by cops in Los Angeles after a magazine shoot when residents complained about looters in the area. Cudi was held at gunpoint by police, who pressed the rapper and his entourage down to the ground in an effort to secure the premises.

The “Day ‘N’ Nite” star was later released in a case of mistaken identity. Just one month prior to the L.A. incident, Kid Cudi escaped being charged with a crime when a fan the rapper punched at a concert declined to press charges. The concert was in Vancouver and Cudi grew upset after a wallet was thrown in his direction onstage. Cudi caught the wallet and tossed the item back into the crowd. The young man, Michael Sharpe, caught the wallet then threw it back to the stage since it didn’t belong to him. The rapper became agitated, perceiving Sharpe’s act as a dis and began to pummel the fan. Sharpe, though, insisted it was a mistake and told TMZ he would not pursue any legal action against the rapper.

I’m not upset,” Sharpe explained. “I’m not going to be that person. I just want to meet him and be like, ‘I’m the guy you punched.’ I’m not going to press charges.”


After 44 years in prison, the only man to have admitted his participation in the assassination of Malcolm X was released from a New York correctional facility on Tuesday. Thomas Hagan, now 69 years old, told the facility’s parole board that he is remorseful for his role in the killing of the iconic Civil Rights leader.

“I have deep regrets about my participation in that,” said Hagan, whose sentence was changed to weekends in jail in 1992 so that he could work to support his family. “I don’t think it should ever have happened.” Two others were charged with the murder of Malcolm X in 1966, but were freed in 1985 and 1987 respectively.

“I personally find it strange that for a couple decades any person convicted in the assassination of such an iconic figure would be allowed such leniency,” said Zead Ramadan, Board Chairman of the Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center. “It’s really a struggle for Muslims to contemplate this issue, because our faith and our religion is full of examples where we have to exert mercy…Only God knows why this was allowed to happen.”

In March, Hagan, who was 22 at the time of X’s death, told the parole board that his anger towards Malcolm X emerged after his infamous departure from the Nation of Islam. “It stemmed from a break off and confusion in the leadership,” Hagan explained. “Malcolm X broke with the Nation of Islam, separated from the Nation of Islam, and in doing so there was controversy as to some of the statements he was making about the leader [Elijah Muhammad].”

Hagan admitted that, after much time and new information, he now believes many of the things X was trying to warn Nation of Islam members about.  Since the assassination, he has also parted with the NOI, and has begun to follow orthodox Islam. Having earned a master’s degree in sociology while incarcerated, Hagan said his main focus is to “maintain my family and to try to make things a little better for them.”

More information on Hagan’s role in the Malcolm X assassination at


Welcome to Hollywood, home of plastic surgery, affairs and one of my personal faves, the notorious SEX TAPE. The latest scandal in Hollywood is the Kendra Wilkinson steamy sex tape with her ex boyfriend Justin Frye. You guys remember Kendra right? She was on that reality show “Girls Next Door” with Hugh Hefner. Well anyways she left the whole Playboy bunny “Empire” and got married to the heart throb footballer Hank Baskett. Soon after she gave birth to an adorable baby boy and even got her own self titled reality show on E! with her new family. Yeah it was all cute and smiles until the release of this sex tape. I don’t care what anyone says a sex tape will make or break your career! Look at Ray J, he had two seasons trying to find love off that sex tape. Now come on Hank, you can’t be mad at Kendra, you ,married a former Playboy bunny, you were bound to find more than skeletons in that closet. I don’t feel sorry for him at all, feel free to judge me. The crazy part about this is that allegedly Kendra signed a deal with Vivid that gave the porn giant the right to distribute the flick, so she will supposedly get 50% of the profits, that’s a $680,000 payout already. You want to know what I think? All of this is a publicity stunt. Kendra is trying to pull the innocent card and is so “upset” that they released the tape because she has a family now, but HELLO you’re an ex Playboy bunny! You already knew your fate before you got married and had that baby. Let’s not forget she was living with Hugh Hefner and sharing him with several other women, and on reality TV I may add! With the season finale of her show “Kendra” on E! this Sunday, I think it’s safe to say this scandal came right on time. Now Kendra will be on our mind for one more week past the season finale. Bravo Kendra! Welcome to Hollywood, it really isn’t for everyone. *Hair Flip*

Well, Well, Well!!! What do we have here? Another case of an undercover brother! Another sex tape scandal is about to emerge, only this time its a famous MALE rapper and a MAN! So according to the rapper in question recently went through a rough break up, an his companion decided to put him on blast! The tipster told that in a day or so the video will hit the net. As you read this there is a screen shot from the alleged sex tape circulating the web RIGHT NOW. People are saying its a famous rapper, in my opinion, doesn’t he look like the singer Mario (((Shrugs)))? I’m just saying! Hmm.. Who do you think it is? Guess we will know soon enough with the video hits the world wide web! I think its safe to say we have a DECEPTICON (used to describe something that isn’t what it seems) among us. *Looks right and left* Be aware!!!

Was Gucci Mane robbed? Look how the tables have turned. I just got some info from the most credible source I know. Word on the street is Gucci Mane got jacked this past weekend for his “Bricksquad” chain and watch. How ironic! Wasnt he the same one the other day with that “Heavy” song where he states ” I wish a nigga would run up on me…” well indeed they did. I guess you should be cautious of the things you say in your songs. (((Shrugs)))Damn Gucci you just got out of jail, didnt you learn a little self defense? Thats a shame, you came to Miami to enjoy Memorial weekend and they sent you back to Atlanta with your tail between your legs, chain-less and watch- less. I would’ve felt sorry for you if you didnt do all that rappin’ in that “Heavy” song. Shoot I give it 2-3 more days before I see some niggas on rocking your chain and watch, pointing and laughing. Hey, dont judge me! I have morals and I know stealing is wrong, but you should be careful what you say about other people because you never know when or if it will happen to you. I also hear that maybe it was Frenchie that was robbed for the chain and watch. Hmm I dont know, but I will keep you posted as the story develops. More news to come

Kwame Kilpatrick’s attorney says he will appeal the former Detroit mayor’s prison sentence.

Michael Alan Schwartz has scheduled a Wednesday morning news conference to announce that he will request an emergency stay from the Michigan Court of Appeals. If granted, Kilpatrick could be free pending a decision.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner sentenced Kilpatrick to up to five years in prison Tuesday for violating his probation stemming from his conviction for lying under oath about an affair with his chief of staff.

Schwartz tells WWJ-AM that the appeal will be partly based on Groner’s statement that he treated Kilpatrick differently than other defendants.

Kilpatrick is being held at the Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center in Jackson, about 70 miles west of Detroit.