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Who in the hell gave this Big Bitch a Show. I mean really she is annoying as hell and she looks like a man. She looks to be about 6’5 Big head, big hands, the bitch looks like Labron James in a dress and her accent!!!!! I know people in New Jersey  personally and they don’t sound like that it makes you think she trying to hard. She never shuts the hell up I mean at least take a breath and then talk . She had Blair Underwood on the show and for one she was taller then him , and something happened that made Wendy put her/his hand on his Blair Underwood leg and he instantly stop smiling, he was looking at her like he thinking something like this ” If this Nigga Dont get His Big As Hand Off My Leg”. I don’t mean to be mean but I had to say something.By the way i found a video of Method Man Talking about Ricky Williams… I mean Wendy follow the link Meth Man Diss Wendy. Well there you have my name Steven and this is Steven Vision

Aurthur ; Steven


Tough Love Couple

Posted: May 18, 2010 in TV Shows
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Okay I was laying down watching TV and a show came on VH1 called Tough Love Couples. The point of this show is to help couples fix there problems and better there relationship by using “Tough Love”. The host is Steven Ward  the same  host from Tough Love 1 & 2 and if you know who I’m talking about you know how aggressive this guy is. It was like watching The Steve Wilko show mixed with Cheaters, the host is yelling  making people cry and forcing the cast (couples being fix) to tell things from the past and sending each of them on dates with there Ex’s.  I don’t know about you but these methods don’t sound to good and from what I seen I was right . Good relationships went bad ,old relationships were re spark due to the Ex dating method. He might mean well with this show but It seems like his purpose is just to entertain America, because everybody knows people in America love to hear about everyone else problems and we can thank Jerry Springer for that. If you haven’t seen Tough Loves Couples this post has summarized it up for you and if you like seeing couples fight , cheat , and being forced to till deep secretes from the past that’s makes them sweat like they stole something this show is for you. Well there you have it my thoughts on The VH1 show Tough Loves Couples till next I’m Steven and that was Steven’s Vision.