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Well, Well, Well!!! What do we have here? Another case of an undercover brother! Another sex tape scandal is about to emerge, only this time its a famous MALE rapper and a MAN! So according to the rapper in question recently went through a rough break up, an his companion decided to put him on blast! The tipster told that in a day or so the video will hit the net. As you read this there is a screen shot from the alleged sex tape circulating the web RIGHT NOW. People are saying its a famous rapper, in my opinion, doesn’t he look like the singer Mario (((Shrugs)))? I’m just saying! Hmm.. Who do you think it is? Guess we will know soon enough with the video hits the world wide web! I think its safe to say we have a DECEPTICON (used to describe something that isn’t what it seems) among us. *Looks right and left* Be aware!!!