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Was Gucci Mane robbed? Look how the tables have turned. I just got some info from the most credible source I know. Word on the street is Gucci Mane got jacked this past weekend for his “Bricksquad” chain and watch. How ironic! Wasnt he the same one the other day with that “Heavy” song where he states ” I wish a nigga would run up on me…” well indeed they did. I guess you should be cautious of the things you say in your songs. (((Shrugs)))Damn Gucci you just got out of jail, didnt you learn a little self defense? Thats a shame, you came to Miami to enjoy Memorial weekend and they sent you back to Atlanta with your tail between your legs, chain-less and watch- less. I would’ve felt sorry for you if you didnt do all that rappin’ in that “Heavy” song. Shoot I give it 2-3 more days before I see some niggas on rocking your chain and watch, pointing and laughing. Hey, dont judge me! I have morals and I know stealing is wrong, but you should be careful what you say about other people because you never know when or if it will happen to you. I also hear that maybe it was Frenchie that was robbed for the chain and watch. Hmm I dont know, but I will keep you posted as the story develops. More news to come