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Welcome to Hollywood, home of plastic surgery, affairs and one of my personal faves, the notorious SEX TAPE. The latest scandal in Hollywood is the Kendra Wilkinson steamy sex tape with her ex boyfriend Justin Frye. You guys remember Kendra right? She was on that reality show “Girls Next Door” with Hugh Hefner. Well anyways she left the whole Playboy bunny “Empire” and got married to the heart throb footballer Hank Baskett. Soon after she gave birth to an adorable baby boy and even got her own self titled reality show on E! with her new family. Yeah it was all cute and smiles until the release of this sex tape. I don’t care what anyone says a sex tape will make or break your career! Look at Ray J, he had two seasons trying to find love off that sex tape. Now come on Hank, you can’t be mad at Kendra, you ,married a former Playboy bunny, you were bound to find more than skeletons in that closet. I don’t feel sorry for him at all, feel free to judge me. The crazy part about this is that allegedly Kendra signed a deal with Vivid that gave the porn giant the right to distribute the flick, so she will supposedly get 50% of the profits, that’s a $680,000 payout already. You want to know what I think? All of this is a publicity stunt. Kendra is trying to pull the innocent card and is so “upset” that they released the tape because she has a family now, but HELLO you’re an ex Playboy bunny! You already knew your fate before you got married and had that baby. Let’s not forget she was living with Hugh Hefner and sharing him with several other women, and on reality TV I may add! With the season finale of her show “Kendra” on E! this Sunday, I think it’s safe to say this scandal came right on time. Now Kendra will be on our mind for one more week past the season finale. Bravo Kendra! Welcome to Hollywood, it really isn’t for everyone. *Hair Flip*