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Okay today was my first work out and DAMN I TIRED lol. Not much progress, I didnt do much but good old Push-ups and Sit-ups and Pull-ups.  alright stay Tuned while i get Toned!!!    Have any tips or comments feel free to comment

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I use to work out back when i was in high School but haven’t did much since. I’m 5’11 and I weigh 185 , I don’t go to the Gym and I don’t have a weight bench so there will be no machines in  my work only push-ups , pull ups , jogging , and my diet.  All this pictures are BEFORE my work out. And I know I’m a skinny guy but just wait I will be big soon and I will keep  readers up to date day by day.

I’veMe noticed in the past few years that I have been out of shape.Well Today at 4:32 am I have decided to dedicate myself to becoming a Professional Bodybuilder. I will keep my readers updated on my status just click on the tap Bodybuilder Career to see my progress and feel free to comment with helpful tips or thoughts of your own.